Forex Trading: Practical Ways to Become an Unstoppable Profit Earner.

Are you tired of losing money consistently after trading? Are you looking for an opportunity to become an unstoppable Earner? And, Are you ready to reap positively from the fx market?

If you are in any of these categories, then, consider this package yours.

Recently, losing money in forex trading has became a tradition; But I bet that has never been what you bargained for. You want to make profit, which is the major reason why you funded your account.

What went wrong and how do you murder this challenge-‘’Losing’’?

First of all, you have to figure out the causes of your loss. Remember that your problems and that of other trader might not be the same. So you have to calmly figure out those factors making you lose in every trade.

If you are having a little challenge figuring out these factors, then, check out some common factors faced by traders daily.

  • Oh no! My own is that I lack risk management.
  • I’m too greedy.
  • I’m always scared to do the right thing.
  • I don’t trust my gut towards trading.
  • I mismanaged my equity-Money account.
  • I think my own is total dependence on others trading plan.
  • My environmental network is always failing me.
  • My Personal computer is faulty—my keys disappoint me.
  • Whenever I place an order, instantly my execution is delayed for some seconds before activation. E.t.c

After you have successfully figured out those blocking rocks (factors causing you to lose money); Next, you have to resolve all those factors dragging you to lose all the time.

Solving them might be a little bit challenging but if you murder them all, you are close ‘’to wearing the cap of a success trader’’.

In contrast to solving or resolving those factors listed above, will obviously retain you to your previous status in fx trading-which is the losing status.

Therefore, It’s very important to figure out these issues and tackle appropriately.

After that, you have to ease yourself to learn more knowledge. Easing your mind (to learn more) will enable you to see your fault, learn from them, and allow you to digest more helpful tips on earning from Fx Trading.

But in a situation where by your mind is locked from receiving idea, it will be very difficult to learn fresh ideas.


Because you mind is still in bondage and haven’t learnt from your past mistakes in trading forex.

For example, a Driver discovered one Monday morning that his car was unable to start. He called a mechanic that morning and after the analysis, the mechanic told him that his fuel tank was mixed with water.

Who could have done this? – He asked. But the real question should have been ‘’how can we solve this issue’’?

Remember the car refuses to start—which was the problem that morning.


Because there was an unwanted element in the fuel tank–not compactable with the car engine. Now, you see clearly that the driver discovered a problem with his car and was curious to know why it was so.

The option given to him was to empty the tank. If he refuses to adhere, the car will definitely still remain with the problem; but if he obeys, it is crystal clear that the car will move.

In addition, if a trader refuses to let go of all those factors causing his loss and closes his mind towards ideas that will set him free, his case will be just as the car that refuses to start.

However, it is very much advisable to get rid of a rigid mindset and allow yourself to opinions and ideas that will better your trading life.

Still on this; avoid allowing your failure to pull you down. Failure is part of success, but allowing it to overwhelm you is very dangerous.

In this business, no successful trader who have not in one way experienced failure in forex trading. What matters most is that they never allowed there misfortune to dominate them.

I strongly affirm to Arnold H. Glasow– ‘’Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire’’.

And finally, think like an unstoppable earner. It is psychologically proven that our thought govern our act. Therefore, the way we act is govern by our thought. I totally subscribe to Wayne Dyer-‘’If you believe it will work out, you’ll see opportunities. But if you It won’t, You’ll see obstacles.

How do I think like an unstoppable profit earner?

You don’t have to be scared; It is a doable exercise that totally needs you. All you have to do is to:

  • Think like a successful trader and
  • Act like a successful trader.

In summary, most time success is not born, they are made. You can be who you wish to become. Forex business is risky one and requires optimum carefulness.

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