Forex writer: 10 Quality Guides to Help You Discover the Right Writer for Your Projects.

Are you finding it difficult to hire someone (the right person) for your job? Or have you been disappointed by someone you hired before?

If you are in any of this category, I’ll advice, you worry no more. Calm your nerves, for the right solutions are knocking at your door.

Looking for the right person for your project could be challenging; why? Because the internet today is filled with a lot of sweet mouthed writers who can convince you beyond all reasonable doubt- that they are the most qualified for your job.

I recently came across a client, who was a victim of this. According to him—I hired this guy who proved to me to be the best freelance writer. He said he knows is way around the forex niche and has written for lots of site.

After negotiation, I hired him and pay him a $1000 for 20 articles. I made it clear to him that the articles must be rich and SEO driven- for they must worth my pay.

After two weeks he delivered the articles. My team was highly disappointed by what I presented. They were not impressed at all and that almost cost me my job.

From his little narration of his painful experience; the summary of it all is that the writer proved to be the best freelance for the Job; yet the project was not approved by the higher board.

The crystal truth is if the he was really the best, the submitted project will automatically be approved.

The forex niche is a very sensitive one, and it requires someone who knows the ins and out of the forex market.

The plane fact is that there is no perfect writer in the world; but there are near perfect writers who are very skillful and creative at what they do;

That does not mean that there are no writer’s best fit for this job especially experienced forex traders.

Here are 10 essential quality guides to help you discover the right writer for your project on forex niche and security commodities.

Quality 1: The content must be lucid enough for a layman to understand.

Yeah, you must make sure that the writer you want to hire is capable of producing contents that are lucid enough for digestion.

The niche is a very complicating one that requires a lot of creative effort to make it understandable to your customers, audience etc.

For instance, if you are a customer in need of a particular information, and searched for it on one of the popular known SEO-Google.

Let’s say, the information you want to search for is – ‘’How to improve my forex-trading skills’’. You saw a lot of site with similar keywords, but you visited site A.

After going through the content, you found out that you were unable to catch anything from the article;

How would you feel?

Apparently, you might resolve your search as a waste of time and be totally disappointed.

Remember, it is not that the writer does not know what he or she has written, but because the content was not written in a layman standard or in a more understanding form.

Who is a layman?

A layman is someone who is untrained or lacks knowledge of a subject. In this case someone who is not a professional in this field.

But if the write-up was understood enough, you will feel fulfilled and could even share with your friends on social media.

Quality2:  The content must be clear and coherent.

This above quality is very important. The person you are about to hire must be able to guarantee you with contents of high form of clarity.

Anyone who doesn’t have this skill is not fit for your job especially when it comes to security commodity.

Benefits of clear and coherent (c&c) ,contents.

  1. It gives your site a better online review.
  2. It enhances a particular confidence on customers about your product.
  • It has the potential of converting visitors to customers

Quality 3: The article must be communicative and fluent.

In forex niche, one of the easiest method of getting your reader or audience to flow with you is to make your writing communicative and fluent.

Most times, your audience tends to flow more when your writing is fluent and communicative. They have this feeling that you are directing and present with them.

Therefore, it’s best advisable to hire writers that can produce content with such ingredients in them.

Note: Fluency and communication is not limited to English Language alone, it also applies to other languages such as French, Dutch etc. Depending on your: customers, visitors or audience language of understanding.

Quality 4: The content must be effective and capable of transformation.

Your major target for hiring someone is to provide the best services for your customers.  In other words you are out to obtain the right person for your job.

One of the best ways to keep your visitors for long is to be constantly providing them with effective content s that could transform them better than the way they are.

Hiring someone who is capable of creating contents with these qualities will help your business grow better.

People don’t visit or do business with you if they are not gaining from you; the best way to keep them abreast, is by hiring the best freelance writer, who is soaked with a profound knowledge of the forex industry.

Quality5: The content must have a returning power.

Most times, this factors are been denied but the fact is that there are more benefits in hiring someone who could produce contents that has this quality-returning power.

What is a ‘’returning power’’?

Content is said to have returning power if its impact on the trader is so effective that he’ll become an audience or customer to your business.

Contents with such impact have the ability to retain and sustain customers in your business. In other words, such article is playing a marketing role.

Quality6: The content must be error Free.

This is one of the most important qualities you have to consider before hiring a writer for a job. The writer must be able to deposit contents that are error free.

Error free content makes it easier for people to understand what you are writing. If your write up is full of flaws and grammatical error, your readers might find it difficult to the content and probably may be disappointed.

Therefore, Always be on the lookout of accessing samples of writing before you hire someone for your job.

Remember, this niche is a complicating type and requires someone who is passionate and conscious about error-free to handle your job for you.

Quality7: The article must be doable in practice.

This is also a vital aspect about contents on fx niche.  They are very practical. The idea you are sharing on your site or with your team must be doable.

Being doable is a process whereby your audience which are fx traders could easily practice your idea.

Forex traders go online looking for ideas that they will adopt to grow their equity. In a scenario whereby your idea can’t be practiced easily, they feel disappointed.

Quality 8: The content must be well organized.

Organized contents are fun for readers to digest. They easily get the message and the idea you are sharing.

It is very important that you, the client, put this Quality into consideration before hiring a writer for their project.

Forex related articles that are well organized are easily understood by traders, which makes them feel more comfortable visiting your sites.

Quality9: The content delivery time must be certain.

This is basically an agreement between the client and the writer. It is very much advisable that the client accesses the writer thoroughly.

You, the client, have to be sure of who you are dealing with.

Your writer must be someone who has this burning desire of delivering before time and will not disappoint you.

Quality 10: The content must be SEO driven.

SEO driven content has a lot of potential benefits to your business. Such content easily land a lot of visitors on your site.

Being conscious of this factor on your articles, show that you have the interest of people at hand. Your writer must be able to know what people are looking for before developing contents for your site.

There are millions of traders out there seeking for solutions. If you are conscious of SEO driven content, you could easily land customers them on your site.

A real forex or security commodity writer has one unique character; they are always passionate and inspired to provide the best content for traders to digest easily.

In conclusion, before hiring a forex writer, it’s very much advisable that the writer is creative enough to land you all the above listed qualities.

Forex niche is a very complicated and a sensitive niche; Every information released on it should be trusted.

Always trade responsibly.

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